November 25, 2010

The illiberal conspiracy

Another violent protest, another po-faced article supporting it at the illiberal conspiracy.
"On the train on the way home last night, a woman opposite – very prim middle aged and upper middle class – surprised me by expressing her heartfelt support"

Which does not surprise me at all. It is much better for her that her little Tarquin gets his education paid for by those worse off than herself, than for her to have to reach into her own designer handbag in order to support the little darling.
"The truth is that protesters do not need to win sympathy because we are not fighting for the rights of protesters, and we are not politicians. "

Nope, you are fighting because Labour lost the last election so now you are throwing your toys out of the pram in a fit of pique.
"When the issue is as close to home as ‘can my child afford to get A Levels’"

Which just shows that this protest is just about lefties doing what lefties do and smashing stuff up, rather than any actual policies that are being proposed since nobody is proposing that there is any need to pay for A Levels.
"And so it was with the waitress who brought me my post-protest Pizza tonight."

Dinning out in London, an obvious sign of improverisment.
"She was worried about her windows being smashed."

And possibly her head as well, from thrown bricks and fire extinguishers as happened in the previous protest. Luckily the police decided contain them this time so it was only smashed windows and there was no repeat of the attempt at murder.
"She was cross with the protest."

Good thing they don't need any public sympathy then.
"But she had decided that she opposed increases in fees ‘where will people get £9000 from?’."

Here I am sure that this waitress would become even more cross if she knew where that £9000 would be coming from? Under the coalition proposal it would be coming from their pay packets once they have qualified and are earning a sufficient amount of money, far more money than that waitress would have been on. That if they earn £25,000 she will be taking home £1,600 per month out of which she will have to pay £30. My God! That’s a whole SKY-TV package, or two outings to Pizza Hut! For education? What sacrifices are we asking poor little Tarquin to make.

However at the moment that £9000 is still being taken, but it is being taken from everybody including that waitress herself. But then to these lefties it is preferrable for a poor waitress to subsidise those that are already in a privileged position extend their privileged position rather than to change the status quo. I hope that Adam Ramsay tipped well.


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